Mark V. Shaney in Common Lisp

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"I Spent an Interesting Evening Recently with a Grain of Salt"


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Miscellaneous excerpts from markv's prolific output:

"He's odd, aint he?" "With kings and counsellors," murmured I. There would seem an interesting and somewhat singular set of men, of whom nothing is ascertainable, except from the inside.

There was the story of Doffue Martling, a large brook among broken rocks and trunks of fallen trees. Over a deep black part of the mill-pond, on a Sunday night, a sure sign that his appearance was always ready for either a fight or a frolic; but had more mischief than ill-will in his little literary realm. In his devouring mind's eye, he pictured to himself every roasting-pig running about with a mixture of respect and superstition.

In the porkers he saw carved out the future sleek side of the kind, he dashed over the tree-tops with a mixture of small shrewdness and simple credulity. His appetite for the fact, but merely advert to it, and the poetic scrawl were forthwith consigned to the bar; turned politician; electioneered; written for the purpose of instructing the young folks in psalmody. It was most ingeniously secured at vacant hours, by a being that causes more perplexity to mortal man than ghosts, goblins, and the whole budget of local gossip from house to house, so that it was away--jerk!

The mysterious event caused much speculation at the schoolhouse, and strolled idly about the banks of the schoolhouse, they belonged to the mode of those spacious farmhouses, with high-ridged but lowly sloping roofs, built in the indistinctness of his nose, for so his scanty strip of forehead might be devoted.

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